Private Music Lessons

Preschool Music

Ever dreamed of doing yoga at work? It's possible. A 45-minute yoga practice will help you and your co-workers clear your minds, refresh your bodies and leave you feeling energized to finish your day. One-time classes for Health Fairs or Professional Development Days are available too. Please call or emails for more details.

Corporate Yoga

Let's develop a strategy for your specific interest - new to yoga, injury recovery, depression, anxiety or illness. The process looks like this:
1. Listen to your concerns.
2. Assess areas of comfort and discomfort.
3. Set intentions - establish what you want to accomplish given your lifestyle.
4. Plan - create a plan of practice to meet your intentions.
5. Practice - one hour a week with AJ and some time at home.
6. Evaluate - let’s take a look at how things are working. 
7. Adjust the plan as needed.
8. Create a strategy to continue wellness improvement at home.  

There are many ways that private yoga lessons or yoga therapy can help. At the same time, it is not a “cure all.” If I don’t think I can help you, I’ll be up front and honest about it, AND try to find someone who can help.  $275 - 4 one-hour private sessions

R&R: Reiki & Relaxation

Other Services

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The original reason I began my yoga journey, was to counter balance the crazy demands of being a professional classical musician. Music is still a great part of me. Lessons are available on flute, oboe, clarinet and saxophone. $60/hour.

Imagine a room full of kiddos who reach up into the air as they inhale and chant, "And.....calm." I've seen it happen. I've seen children encouraging others to be calm and "turn down the volume." More than just practicing calm, preschool yoga classes affirm that each child is important in their own way. We give traditional yoga poses new names while we tell stories about the seasons, holidays or positive character traits.

Preschool Yoga

As a trained Kindermusik instructor, I add enrichment to your child's preschool. In music classes we learn and practice the foundation to all music in a playful way. Using pretend, songs and spoken rhymes kiddos learn steady beat, loud/soft, slow/fast and quiet/sound. Even more, we practice taking turns, self-control and creativity.

Private Yoga Lessons / Yoga Therapy

Reiki is just another word for positive healing energy, which exists all around us at all times. It is a hands-on method of channeling life force energy to the client in order to restore a sense of wellness and ease. Think of it like an energy massage. When we feel tired, stuck or restless, reiki treatments help us to restore our well-being. Here's a great video explanation. Treatments can last 30 - 60 minutes. Please call or email to schedule your appointment. $60/hour. ​