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AJYOGA        703-727-3303       aj@ajyoga.com

What is AJYOGA?
My biggest wish is for you to be well. To be at ease. To be content.

Since 2008, AJYOGA has been helping people feel better. AJYOGA creates a practice that works for each individual. It's your body and your spirit, so it should be your yoga, too. After all, yoga is for people, not pretzels.

Weekend and weekday classes are held in 2 locatations in South Riding. Please explore this site to learn more about how AJYOGA can meet your wellness goals. Visit the Frequently Asked Questions page for general information relating to yoga.

"I love yoga with AJ - She seems to understand each student's needs and provides great encouragement for all of us. She varies the class wonderfully so I'm never bored and always leave class looking forward to the next one." ~ Kit

"AJ has an incredible inner peace and nonjudgemental attitude that is reflected in her class. Every time I leave her class I feel rejuvenated, relaxed and relieved to know there are people as lovely as her in my life." ~ Dorothy

"I rush from work to make AJ's class. She makes it all worth the effort. It's the highlight of my week." ~ Katy

"I love AJ's energy, which encourages me to relax, go inside myself and practice yoga. I've had many yoga instructors and she's my favorite." ~ Mimi

 About AJ
AJ Rudnick is a YogaFit trained instructor who has been practicing yoga since 1998. She was first drawn to yoga as a classical musician to help overcome tendonitis, control asthma attacks, keep alert mentally, stay physically fit and reduce stress. She has worked with children as old as 2 and adults as young as 92. Her clients have included people recovering from injury, athletes, musicians, as well as those practicing a healthy lifestyle. 


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